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Your Needs...


Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of our service is understanding the needs of your particular group of clients.

Our hands-on experience in structuring policies around buying criteria and risk levels puts us in a unique position in the industry.

We broker the best deal for you by utilising our close relationships with the industry’s policy providers.

By constantly monitoring the industry and market place we ensure a fully rounded analysis of our marketplace. We will use your specific needs, market research and strict Insurer selection criteria to build the right facility for your firm and place it with the Insurer who is best placed to serve your needs. All this is completed with clear acknowledgement of SRA and FCA guidelines with regards to compliance.

As experienced underwriters we also have a detailed understanding of the associated costs relating to aspects of policy detail ensuring that you get appropriate value for money.


 “No two firms are the same, so solutions shouldn’t be either.”

Working with You...


At amberis we aim to ensure that every aspect of a clients’ requirements are catered for with a service that supports that client’s business objectives.

Whether the need is for high levels of customer service, an unrivalled attention to detail, proven claims handling when creating the right policy structure or just straight-talking honest advice we work hard to develop a sense of partnership.

No two firms are the same, so solutions shouldn’t be either.

We’ll provide a comprehensive report of our work based upon your requirements to support our recommendations. Armed with this, you are then able to make an informed decision on how best to move forward with ATE.

IT integration is a key feature and we can align our systems with almost all type of case management systems. We organise and implement the integration so it’s another head ache removed.

Our claims staff are also trained to assist with any existing agreements and their run off and help to ensure a smooth transition. Having worked with organisations large and small you can rest assured that appointing our team will ensure you get all of the above as standard.


 “Finding the right Insurer who truly understands your firm is key to ensuring a long lasting and successful relationship.”

Acting for You...


Having supported many practices over our combined forty years of experience, we understand that the day to day workload faced by you and your partners does not allow for much time to take full responsibility for the protection of your interests and those of your clients.

The team at amberis will take this responsibility off your hands by acting for you.

An initial consultation which establishes all that you need to achieve allows us to put ourselves in your shoes and represent your interests whendeveloping a protection solution.

When it comes to administering your facility, Amberis gives you your time back whether this is administrative, claims management or more detailed Insurer liaison. Amberis act on your behalf to maintain relations and ensure you have a reliable and valued facility in place.

From IT integration, delegated authority or minimal reporting, Amberis will take appropriate measures to ensure the service does not become a laborious and rueful experience.

An initial consultation which establishes all that you need to achieve allows us to put ourselves in your shoes and represent your interests when developing a protection solution.

In addition we’ll ensure you are kept abreast of any industry changes, whether it affects our mutual interests or as an industry as a whole. We’ll act as a point of reference to discuss changes and support your decision making process whether these changes are brought about by industry, legislative or judicial pressures.


 “We recognise our customers need for reliable and long-lasting relationships and strive to ensure Insurers do too.”

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