ATE should be clear and straightforward for both the policy holder and the Solicitor. To mirror this ethos amberis have devised Simplicity, a unified approach to ATE which benefits all stakeholders. 

Simplicity understands that you, the solicitor are the experts, and therefore should have the ability to run cases as you see fit without the additional burden of reporting constantly to Insurers and requesting their authority to progress your case.

With transparency from the agreement to the payment of claims, Simplicity ensures there are no grey areas and it does exactly what it says on the tin.


What is Simplicity?


We firmly believe that solicitors and insurers should work together under a complementary and mutually beneficial structure. Simplicity seeks firstly to unify our Insurer partners under one set of agreed terms, developed and written by amberis, and supported by an operating manual which defines in simple terms the delegated authority facility as well as your responsibilities. Our streamlined operational approach ensures application of cover is not a slow and arduous process involving double keying of information. Fully delegated authority and limited reporting is at the forefront of Simplicity as we firmly believe, as experts, you know how to progress a case best.

IT underpins Simplicty, offering an integrated submission process, policy issue and reporting. In providing a low touch point facility Simplicity ensures administration costs are kept to a minimum allowing case handlers to process cases. Integrated reporting also ensures user error is avoided and as a result claims are met by the Insurer. On-going expert broker assistance from amberis is provided at the start during and even after a facility has been put in place. This invaluable involvement ensures the facility runs smoothly, Insurer relations are enhanced and your facility always remains the best solution available.

amberis provide claims management on your behalf to ensure swift payment of costs without the hard work. In the event of a claim the authority is delegated to the solicitor to negotiate on the best possible terms for the policyholder. This ensures a clearer and quicker resolution and ultimate to payment by Insurers. The Simplicity concept maintains our flexible and tailored approach to broking ATE. It is the high level service that our customers have been enjoying for some time, distilled into a single and simple concept. Simplicity can be designed to suit you. Flexibility and personalisation are built-in to Simplicity to make sure it is perfect for your needs.



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